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Bryan High School Re-Opening Plan

Second Semester

 1.  Below contains important information about the start of second semester.  The Omaha Public Schools will begin the second semester of this school year with a phased return to in-person learning. Staff will teach from their classroom and students will start the semester remotely on Tuesday, Jan. 5 using their district-provided device from home. While learning remotely students will follow the remote learning bell schedule


Phased return to in-person learning dates and info: 

  • Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2021: All students begin with remote instruction following the remote learning bell schedule. JP Lord School and the Zoo Academy return in-person five days a week. 
  • Monday, Jan. 11, 2021: K-12 ACP, Transition, Elementary BSP, Early Childhood Special Education, Homebased/Homebound, and Hearing Impaired classrooms return in-person five days a week. 
  • Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2021: All students return in-person following the Family 3/2 Model attendance calendar and 3/2 bell schedule. Gateway to College, OPS/UNO Middle College Program, Parrish and Student Success Program return in person five days a week. 

    Important information for those students who learned remotely 1st semester: 
  • The status a student has at the end of First Semester (whether remote or 3:2) will remain the status assigned to a student Second Semester unless a parent/guardian contacts our Academic Director, Melissa Gates, if a change needs to be made. 


  • What does this mean? If a student is currently a remote student every day, they will remain a remote student every day second semester.  To change to the 3:2 model, a parent/guardian must contact  by January 1st and notify Bryan High that the student wants to return to in-person learning under the 3:2 model on or after January 19th.

Bryan High School is opening the 2020-2021 academic year using the Omaha Public Schools Family 3/2 Model.


Last names A-K attends classes in person on Monday and Tuesday;

last names L-Z attend classes in person on Thursday and Friday.

Wednesdays would alternate between student groups.
1. Schoolwide Expectations

a. In all Bryan HS areas.

i. Students and Staff must always wear masks.

ii. Students and Staff must maintain appropriate social distancing

iii. All desks in classrooms must face the same direction

iv. All classroom activities and transitions adhere so social distancing

v. Consumable Materials provided to students are theirs to keep

2. Daily Structure

a. Arrival

i. Students must park in the student parking lot with a purchased permit, parents may drop students off in the south parking lot, and buses will drop off students in the main and west entries of the building

ii. Students who are eating breakfast or require technical assistance with their iPad may arrive at 7:00 AM through the main entrance and report to one of three zones and be seated in designated and labeled socially distant areas only:

1. Cafeteria (breakfast) 

2. Library 

iii. Students who will not eat will remain outside until 7:25 AM

iv.  Teachers must be present in classes at 7:20 AM

v. At 7:25 AM a bell will ring and all students will report directly to their first block class until first block starts at 7:40 AM

vi. All students are expected to be in class by 7:40 AM or will be counted late (minutes count against students)

vii. Students arriving late (between 7:40-8:00 AM), will report directly to their first block class and complete the late arrival form. Students arriving after 8:00 AM, will sign in at the Attendance Office. 

3. Bell Schedule

a. No CREW- due to maximizing instructional time, reducing the number of transitions, and prioritizing safety by including sanitation time. 

b. Announcements will be read at end of second block daily and emailed to all students and parents 

4. Breakfast

a. Served to students between 7:00 AM – 7:25 AM; students arriving after 7:25 AM, may get a “grab and go” breakfast and report to first block class

b. Students in the cafeteria will sit in socially distant designated and labeled seats only
c. Students are expected to utilize the provided sanitizing hand stations to sanitize their hands upon entry to the serving line

d. Students are expected to clean up after themselves utilizing provided sanitation materials

5. Classroom Expectations, Procedures

a. Teachers will submit seating charts for all classes to Curriculum Specialists by end of duty day on 10/16.  Social distancing requirements: Students will report to assigned classroom seats.

i. Desk arrangement to follow one of the provided diagrams
ii. Communication among teachers in shared rooms for classroom set-up (suited for teacher with largest class sizes)

iii. All desks must face the same direction.

iv. Teachers communicate with curriculum specialists regarding removing furniture from classrooms

v. Teachers consider classroom material necessity to maximize classroom space

vi. CS/ILT members will check off each teacher’s room to ensure arrangement expectations are met by 1:00 pm on 10/15.

vii. Seating Charts Teachers create a seating chart for each of their classes.

viii. CS need all seating charts by 10/15 to provide copies to BHS Contact Tracing Center (Office 100)

b. All classroom activities and transitions are to follow social distancing requirements 

c. Students and teachers are expected to wear a face mask per district expectations 

d. Classroom sanitation will take place during the last five minutes of every block:

i. ALL students clear their assigned desk 

ii. Teacher sprays disinfectant on every desk and distributes paper towels to students

iii. Student wipes desk

iv. Teacher walks throughout class and collects used paper towels (teacher uses one provided glove)

v. Teacher walks throughout class and disseminates hand sanitizer to ALL students

vi. Teacher reminds students to follow directional arrows, walk directly to next class, and keep masks on.

e. Passes

i. No passes issued the first or last 15 minutes of class 

ii. Teacher writes paper pass and Student will scan appropriate QR code upon exit and reentry for contact tracing purposes
iii. Passes to be monitored (self- and teacher-monitored) for one student out of the class at a time.

f. Instruction, curricular materials

i. Staff keep individual interaction with students to less than 15 minutes.

ii. Consumable materials whenever possible.

iii. Procedures to address students not adhering to expectations: 

1) Teacher gives a reminder to student 

2) Notify security and administrator; student goes to administrator

3) Administrator will give student one opportunity to adhere

4) Student will be sent home and assigned to remote learning

6. Passing Periods

a. The entire school has been designed to flow one-way; two stairwells are designated to enter the second floor and two stairwells are designated to exit the second floor; directional signage has been placed throughout the building
b. Staff will be positioned outside their classroom doors to assist with directing students to adhere to passing period procedures:

i. Six-minute passing period
ii. Students are expected to wear a mask 

iii. Students are expected constantly be moving following the directional signs; no congregating

c. Due social distancing requirements, the Pit (commons area) will be off limits to all students and staff during passing periods, breakfast, lunch, before and after school. 

7. Lunch

a. Served to students during third block

b. Students in the cafeteria will sit in socially distant designated and labeled seats only

c. Alternative Lunch seating

i. Additional seating will be in the Commons area

ii. Some classes will remain in their classrooms

d. Students are expected to utilize the provided sanitizing hand stations to sanitize their hands upon entry to the serving line

e. Students are expected to clean up after themselves utilizing provided sanitation materials

f. Students who choose not to eat or overflow will report to the Lecture Hall B

g. Students are expected to remain in the chosen area for the duration of the assigned lunch period 

h. Students will be monitored for RR use 

8. Dismissal 

a. Students are expected to follow the directional signage to the closest exit; there will be seven exits throughout the building

b. Students will be released by floor; second floor teachers will release their classes at 3:03 PM daily; first floor teachers will release their classes at 3:05 PM

c. ACP/BSP will be dismissed at 2:55 PM 

 d. Door-to-door bus riders will load on the southeast side; STA bus riders will load on the west side

e. Students are expected to continuously keep moving and exit school; no congregating inside or outside of the building. 

f. Students waiting for a ride will report to room 107

g. Student participating in after school athletics or activities will report to their designated area by 3:15 PM

h. Only students participating in athletics and activities will be allowed to ride the late buses (5:15 PM and 6:30 PM) may ride the bus on their assigned Blue or Yellow Day

9. Lockers

a. No hallway and athletic lockers will be assigned this year 

10.Face Masks

a. Every student/staff will receive 5 washable face masks 

b. Face shields may be available for ACP 

c. All staff and students are expected to wear a face mask 

d. We will work with families who have concerns over their child wearing face mask

e. Accommodations with 504/IEP will be communicated by Mr. Brannen 


a. 14 automated and touch less sanitation stations are available throughout the school in large spaces and offices 

b. Every classroom has disinfectant, wipes, paper towels, and gloves for the teacher 

c. Every classroom desk will be cleaned at end of each block 

d. Custodial staff will disinfect high traffic/touch areas every block and deep clean daily 

e. Plexiglass shields have installed for each office secretary, library, and nutrition services 

f. Signage throughout the school to encourage frequent hand washing and social distancing practicing 

g. Face masks worn by all 

12.Field Trips/Guest Speakers 

a. All in person field trips and guest speakers will need to transition to virtual using TEAMS.


a. All in person mentoring will need to transition to virtual using TEAMS (except for Success Mentor due to mentors being school staff). 


a. To limit traffic and groups in schools and classrooms, parent meetings should be conducted virtually (or phone) whenever possible. If meetings must be conducted in person, parents and guardians should arrange appointments in advance to allow planning for proper safety precautions.

15.Use of Facilities

a. The use of OPS facilities outside of the traditional instructional day will not be granted.

b. The district is not accepting permits from any outside agency. The exceptions are our current Before and After School Programming Providers (Collective for Youth and Omaha Public Schools Foundation), and agencies with an agreement for a shared space: Boys and Girls Club, YMCA and Educare.

16. Passes to restrooms-one student per class 

17. Restrooms/ Water Fountains- 3 per restrooml; 1 in 1 out

a. Counselors 1st Floor Monitors

b. Curriculum Specialists 2nd Floor Monitors

c. Clear Water bottles preferred

d. During class time, not available 1st 15 minutes, last 15 minutes

Bryan Bell Schedule



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