Omaha Public Schools

Bryan High School

School Improvement Plan 2016-2017


Growth Goals


Goal Area: Mathematics

Focus Skill(s): Number Sense, Algebra

Strategies: Gradual Release with skills groups during guided and independent practice; incorporate ongoing cumulative review; guided practice; think alouds; multiple representation and multiple methods; plan and curriculum meetings with all Algebra 1-2 teachers; data retreat for all Algebra 1-2 teachers, six plan collaboration occurrences for the Algebra 1-2 teachers.

Measurable Objectives (growth goals):

Three-point increase in overall Math MAP RIT score from 216 to 219.

Three-point increase in number sense RIT score from 217 to 220.

Decrease course failures for Algebra 1-2 by 3% from previous school year * recognizing field testing is taking place.


Goal Area: Reading

Focus Skill(s): Drawing inferences, draw conclusions and make predictions

Strategy: Think alouds, Reciprocal Teaching, Oral Discussions, Think-Ink-Pair-Share, Text Tagging across content areas

Measurable Objective (growth goal):

Three-point increase in overall Reading MAP RIT score from 212 to 215.

Three-point increase in drawing inferences, conclusions and predictions from 210 to 213.


Goal Area: Science

Focus Skill(s): Life Science

*Structure and function of living systems

*Heredity and Biodiversity

*Flow of matter and eco systems

Strategies: Gradual release with skills groups during guided and independent practice, think alouds, graphic organizers, nonlinguistic representations, checks for understanding, questions for critical thinking, hands on experiences

Measurable Objective (growth goal):

Three-point increase in overall Science MAP RIT from to 205.8 to 208.8.

Three-point increase in Life Science from 205 to 208.


Goal Area: Attendance

Focus: Unverified absences

Strategy: Communication with parents, social worker, cut list, robo calls, top 40 list, check with calling in for homework

Measurable Objective (growth goal):

Decrease unverified absences by 3% from previous year.


Goal Area: Wellness

Focus: Nutrition, Physical Activity, School-Based Activity

* Nutrition Strategy: Healthy choices in machines, limited access to vending machines during the day, zero calorie soda and waters available in vending machines, 20 ounce sodas and water available in machines, PBIS team works with café manager to put together announcements and discuss portion sizes, no food rewards, no food celebrations, Participation in the OPS Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program, Embedding nutritional information education into various curricular areas (PE, FCS, agriculture, economics), EHA monthly updates and wellness challenges, SBHC presents at every parent night, flu shots, wellness fair at parent/teacher conferences

Measurable Objective: Track how many individuals utilize services from the SBHC.

Monitor the percentage of students eating breakfast and lunch provided by nutritional services.

Increase communication through choices offered based upon student participation.

* Physical Activity Strategy: Students participate in PE, Band and JROTC, UNO Partnership with Lifetime Wellness Class, Active Brain Breaks in class

Measurable Objective: Daily active brain breaks in every class. Measure through lesson plans and classroom coaching.

* School-Based Activity Strategy: Urban Agriculture’s garden and the AgriBox to grow hydroponic plants, Vision screening by SBHC, Nebraska Thursdays (promoting farm to school), Biggest Loser Contest in January, Morning Walking Club, Open Weight Room, Three Successful Blood Drives, Zumba, Walking Club

Measurable Objective: Increase the number of staff members participating in second semester wellness activities from last year by 3%.