Business, Marketing, and Information Technology

Business, Marketing, and Information Technology


. . . Where students become business moguls!

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It is the goal of the business faculty at Bryan to educate individuals FOR and ABOUT business.  An integral part of the curriculum is to provide occupational competence which enables individuals to procure jobs for which they are qualified, to devise and implement a career development plan which is responsive to personal and technological changes, and to formulate plans to ensure continued formal and/or informal educational growth.

Business instruction is structured to help students achieve the following:

  1. Explore business-related careers in the following Career Clusters: (1) Marketing, Sales, and Service, (2) Business Management, and Administration, (3) Finance, and (4) Information Technology.
  2. Develop occupational competence, including technology applications, in one or more of these areas: basic business economics, marketing, accounting-finance, or administrative office support.
  3. Build a foundation for business-related programs of study at the post-secondary level.
  4. Prepare for organizing and managing a business. 
  5. Strengthen basic skills in reading, writing, mathematics, and resource applications.
  6. Develop positive interpersonal and leadership skills.
  7. Develop and refine personal and business work ethics.
  8. Apply skills in communication, decision making, and critical thinking.
  9. Develop economic competence to be productive citizens and wise consumers.
  10. Strengthen the individual's self-concept and desire to succeed.
  11. Prepare for business activities that include contacts with others who have varied cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
  12. Learn how to read and utilize the stock market.
  13. Learn about high-tech jobs.


  • Mike Gardner
  • Galen Gullie
  • Thomas Townsend
  • Kim Wyllie 


        Business/Marketing and Information Technology Courses

  • Accounting 1-2*/Accounting 1-2 (Honors)
  • Accounting 3-4/Accounting 3-4 (Honors)*
  • Banking and Credit/Banking and Credit (Honors)
  • Business and Consumer Law 1/Business and Consumer Law 1 (Honors)
  • eBusiness
  • Economics and Financial Literacy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Information Technology Applications 1-2
  • FACTS (Freshman Academic, Career, and Technology Skills)
  • Fashion Merchandising 1-2*
  • Finance Internship
  • HTML/Web Design 1-2
  • Information Technology Applications 1-2
  • Insurance/Insurance (Honors)
  • International Finance/International Finance (Honors)
  • Introduction to Business Honors*
  • Introduction to Financial Services/Introduction to Financial Services Honors
  • Marketing 1-2*/Marketing 1-2 (Honors)*
  • Marketing 3-4 (Honors)*
  • Marketing Internship
  • Principles of Business, Marketing, and Management 1-2/Principles of Business, Marketing, and Management 1-2 Honors
  • Securities

* Articulation agreement with Metropolitan Community College available

For a complete description of Business, Marketing, Information Technology courses, see page 18 of the Bryan High School Curriculum Handbook.

CoCurricular Activities:

DECA Kim Wyllie
FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) Mike Gardner


Marketing Internship:  Kim Wyllie - Hotline - (402) 557-3137