English Language Learner Department


It is the intent of the English as a Second Language program to respond to the needs of students with limited English proficiency in an effort to provide optimal educational opportunities for them. These programs provide a specialized approach in instruction to prepare students to participate fully in the curriculum of the school system. It is also the intent of this program to develop the students' abilities to listen, read, write, speak, and understand English while encouraging maintenance of the first language. The program also strives to encourage self-assurance and confidence in the student and a positive identity and pride in his/her cultural heritage.

Molly Gass

George Hansen
Enedina Manriquez Camarena
Lindsey Mercado
James Vanatta

Dena Wagner



ESL 1-2*

ESL 1-2 Extension*

ESL 3-4*

ESL 3-4 Fundamentals*

ESL 3-4 Fundamentals Extension*

ESL 5-6

ESL Reading 1-2*


ESL Reading 1-2 Extension*

ESL Reading 3-4*

ESL Reading 3-4 Fundamentals

ESL Reading 3-4 Fundamentals Extension

ESL Reading 5-6

ESL Reading Strategies 1-2

ESL Science Preparation

ESL Social Studies Preparation

ESL Technology Preparation

ESL Transitional Study/Skills 7-8

ESL Transition Study Skills

For a complete description of English as a Second Language (ESL) courses, see page 25 of the Bryan High Curriculum Handbook.