Science Department

The science department at Bryan High school consists of 9 full time science teachers.

To contact one of our science teachers please click on their webpage at the right or call 557-3151.

Required courses in science for grade nine students is Physical Science, grade ten students take Biology and in grade 11, students are able to take an elective science course of their choice.  A student must complete each of these courses successfully to graduate. All of these courses are offered on 3 levels: General, Honors, and Fundamentals (for information on Fundamentals courses, please see the Special Education page). All science courses focus on the scientific method and scientific inquiry. All students will gain experience in a lab situation, including executing experiments using correct method and procedure and writing up the results of the lab in a lab report. Students will also see teacher's demonstrate more advanced labs to help solidify students' understanding of central concepts.

Students need to acquire inquiry skills necessary for everyday living and to develop an understanding of the role of science in today's society. A basic working knowledge of environmental, life, and physical sciences is important for everyone. This learning opportunity is provided by the Science Department's curriculum.

Students who plan to attend post-secondary learning institutions should have at least three years of science instruction during their high school careers. The study of selected science fields supports many career areas.  Medical-related, engineering, technician/technology, and cosmetology careers are among those which require a strong science background.  Students should speak with their counselor to see if enrollment in additional science courses will support their career goals.

Department credit requirements for graduation: 6 (Grades 9-12). Any student who plans to take advantage of post-secondary learning opportunities should complete a minimum of 6 credits in science.

For a complete description of Science courses, see pages 42 of the Bryan High Curriculum Handbook.

Science Activities:

  • Science Olympiad 

Science Course offerings

Anatomy and Physiology (and Honors)
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
Biology (and Honors)
Chemistry (and Honors)
Earth Science
Physics (and Honors)
Physical Science (and Honors)


Arneson, Jake
Braak, Charles
Bristol, Royonna
Eitel, Dr. Richard
Kern, Nichole
Michalak, Alex
Miller, Kathryn
Muessigman, Alex
Potter, Michelle
Walmrath, Eduardo