Social Studies


Social Studies

History tells us something about the values and limitations of human beings, and provides an awareness of time, place, and events. The events of human history take place on the great stage called Earth. This physical setting, our environment, helps explain much of the social and economic behaviors of people. Thus, history is of vital importance.

The required Social Studies curriculum at Bryan High offers the essentials of what every American citizen needs to know in order to participate intelligently in today's society. Our teachers believe that it is imperative for young people to have a thorough knowledge of our political system, as well as an understanding of human relations, global interdependence, and the economic and social influences of technology. Thus, the Bryan High Social Studies Department encompasses history in all its aspects, including the aesthetics involved in art, music, architecture, and literature.

Students at Bryan will study the nature of our physical environment, as well as the impact of our planet's diverse cultural and ethnic groups. The Bryan High Social Studies Department no longer teaches history, geography, and government as separate entities. Indeed, the focus of our program is to make the students aware of their place in an increasingly complex world, and, even more important, their chance to contribute in a positive manner to life on this planet.

Students are also encouraged to start original projects that will contribute a service to the community. We are proud of the fact that one such project led to Bryan's Geography students winning the 1992 National Geographic Olympiad. We also have a teacher who was awarded the Distinguished Teaching Achievement Award for 2006, from the National Council of Geographic Education.

The breadth and depth of the Bryan Social Studies program can be seen in its current curriculum, but even now we are in the process of restructuring. We are now attempting to broaden the educational spectrum by coordinating the study of American literature with the study of American history. Coordinating the English and Social Studies classes is only the beginning of a concerted effort to widen our educational boundaries. The Bryan Social Studies Dept. will remain in the forefront of cross-curricular and innovative teaching.                                                                                            


  • Tom Allen
  • Richard Bacus
  • Michael Bristol
  • Nicholas Clawson
  • Angela Ecabert (Kisicki)
  • Kevin Mathine
  • Terrence O'Donnell
  • Matt Pierson
  • Dave Scheel
  • Bidong Tot
  • Shelly Wear Rush
  • Joshua Wendell
  • Nick Wennstedt


* = Required courses

  • African-American History
  • American Government* 
  • AP Gov. Political Science
  • AP World History 1-2
  • Geography*/Geography Honors/AP Human Geography" 
  •  Economics*/ Economics Honors
  • Law and Juvenile Justice
  • Mexican-American History
  • Modern World History 1-2*
  • Omaha History
  • Psychology /AP Psychology
  • Sociology
  • United States History 1-2*/United States History 1-2 Honors /AP United States History

For a complete description of Social Studies courses, see page 45 of the Bryan High Curriculum Handbook.