Urban Agriculture and Natural Resources Academy


Bryan High School’s Urban Agriculture Academy innovatively works with a diverse group of students, parents, and the community to provide students with firsthand global experiences in agriculture related careers and issues, in a way that produces problem solvers who are prepared for post-secondary and career opportunities.


Rooting students in academic and agricultural success.

About Us

Bryan is currently the only Omaha Public School to have an agricultural program and has now become the largest FFA chapter in the State of Nebraska. In this academy, students utilize knowledge of both urban and traditional agriculture to be innovators in their field and positive members in the community. Agricultural themes are incorporated into their core coursework such as plant and animal science and food production.

Students participate in various competitions and regularly attend field trips and conferences across the state. As part of the students  Supervised Agricultural Experience(SAE), Vegetable and fruit gardens are managed by the students along with other landscaping projects throughout the campus. Students also have the responsibility of taking care of the programs various small animals ranging from chickens, quail, and rabbits to snakes, fish, and shrimp. The students manage two large raised garden beds, four different hydroponic systems, one garden/farm plot, and various other parts of the school. Students have the opportunity to earn approximately 20 hours of dual enrollment credit at Metro Community College through this program.
Please check out the FFA page for more information and upcoming events.

For a description of courses in the Urban Agriculture and Natural Resources Academy, see page 50 of the Bryan High Curriculum Handbook.

Urban Agriculture Academy Course Sequence


Grade 9

-  Introduction to Agriculture, Food, & Natural           Resources

  Grade 10

  - Introduction to Agriculture, Food, & Natural           Resources

   - Ag. Biology/Honors Ag. Biology

   - Ag. English 3-4/Honors Ag. English 3-4

   - Ag. Geography/Honors Ag Geography

   - Ag. Economics/Honors Ag. Economics

   - Food Science* 


Grade 11

Choice of the following: (must take at least 2)

· Plant Science

· Animal Science

· Ag. Natural Resources

· Ag. Power, Structure, & Technical Systems

- Ag English 5-6

- Ag Modern World History

- Food Science*

   Grade 12

   - Agribusiness

   - Honors Agriculture Internship/Honors Capstone

   - Ag. English 7-8

   - Ag. American Government

   - Food Science*

* Food Science is an elective course that can be taken in grades 10, 11, or 12 

Nebraska Agriculture,Food, and Natural Resources Career Cluster

Urban Agriculture Academy Events

State Dairy Evaluation CDE

State Milk Quality and Products CDE

Area Land Judging

District Dairy Judging

State Land Judging

National FFA Convention
10/25/17 to 10/28/17

District EDGE Conference

District Leadership Development Events(LDE)

District FFA Livestock Judging

State FFA Degree/Proficiency Review

State FFA Degree Interviews

District Career Development Events(CDE)

State FFA Convention
4/4/2018 to 4/6/18