Family and Consumer Sciences (F&CS) Department

Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS)


The courses in the Family and Consumer Sciences Department are designed to prepare individuals for life and work, strengthen families, and develop relationships within communities.  A computer lab enhances all courses in this department.  Projects based on current issues, such as budgeting and resource management, analyzing nutritional intake, and balancing work and family, are just a few of the interactive opportunities offered to students. In addition, the traditional food preparation, clothing construction, and child development courses are still available.  Everyone will benefit from participating in the interesting and varied courses offered in this department.



For a complete description of Family and Consumer Sciences courses, see page 40 of the Bryan High Curriculum Handbook.


    • Krystal Kolb
    • Jana Georgius
    • Carmen Hall​​
    • Emily Murphy
    • Sharon Rhodes
    • Stephanie Wagner
    • Rhett Wurst


    • Child Development 1-2
    • Child Development 3-4
    • Clothing and Textiles 1-2
    • Clothing and Textiles 3-4
    • Comprehensive Family Consumer Science
    • CAD Fashion 3-4
    • Computer Design for Fashion 1-2
    • Computer Design for Housing Interiors 1-2
    • Creative Textiles 1
    • Culinary Skills 1-2
    • Family Living
    • Foods and Nutrition 1-2
    • Sports Nutrition
    • Teen Parenting 1-2
    • Teen Parenting 3-4
    • Teen Parenting 5-6