Math Department

The Math Department at Bryan High School consists of 10 full time math teachers and a department. Mrs. (Katie) Garcia received an OSF A+ Award, Mrs. Ledford was named Bryan's "Rookie Teacher of the Year" in 2008, and Mr. Gedbaw was named Bryan's "Rookie Teacher of the Year" in 2009.  

To contact one of our math teachers please click on their webpage at the right or call 557-3144. (If your math teacher is not listed, please call the department at the above number, as not all new staff have been added to the webpage at this time.)

Because of our unique block schedule, math classes at BHS often include hands on activities and group work to help our students better understand the concepts which they are studying in class. Activities and projects are done both in individual classes and collaboratively among many classes. For example, in 2007, many of our math classes worked together to construct a model of Serpinsky's Pyramid. This project stemmed from a unit in the Algebra 5-6 classes and extended to several others subject areas. The model created by students stood approximately 10 feet tall and was displayed in the commons during Open House.

One of our Geometry classes worked collaboratively with the Technology department to create signs for the Bryan Library. The Geometry students calculated the size and area of the necessary signage to determine the amount of materials needed and the most cost effective materials to buy. The Technology department then created the signs. The black and grey signs can be seen throughout the BHS Library.

The Mathematics department at BHS offers the following courses:


Standard Rotation Honors Rotation Other Offerings
Algebra 1-2 Honors Geometry 1-2 Honors Algebra 1-2
Geometry 1-2 Honors Algebra 3-4 Honors Discrete Math and Statistics
Algebra 3-4 Honors Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry PreCalculus/Trigonometry
Algebra 5-6 AP Calculus AB Algebra 1AB - 2AB
Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry  AP Statistics

Students are expected to move from the recognition and meaning of numbers through an ability to use these numbers in problem-solving settings as they progress sequentially through mathematics courses offered at each grade level. The end result is intended to produce a student who, upon being graduated, has sufficient expertise to manage personal business and fit meaningfully into the world of work. Through increased abstraction and the acquisition of more complex problem-solving methodology, the college-bound student can operate successfully with the mathematics needed for higher educational endeavors.

For a complete description of Math courses, see pages 42-44 of the Bryan High Curriculum Handbook, Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file [1,958 KB file size].