Mr. Bacus - Social Sciences Teacher

Education - UNO - BS Education (Social Sciences)
                 Vatterott College - AOS (CADD)

Experience - Omaha Benson High School - AVID Tutor (2011-2013)
     Omaha North High School - Avenue Scholars Tutor (2012)
                     Omaha Bryan High School - Social Sciences Teacher (2013-Present)

Current Courses - Modern World History, Omaha History, Sociology, Human Geography, Economics

Class Schedule
  A1 - Human Geography (107)
                    A3 - Plan (114)
                    A5 - Human Geography (PT 4)
                 A7 - Modern World History [Bacus/Brannen] (107)
                      B2 - Sociology (107)
                       B4 - Modern World History (107)
                      B6 - Plan (114)
                      B8 - Modern World History (107)

Tutoring Schedule
THU 9/17 THU 10/1
THU 10/8
THU 11/12
THU 12/10
Email -
This is my third year teaching social sciences and my first with the TDL Academy at Bryan High School. My bio, class schedule, tutoring schedule, and contact info are listed below. Copies of my class syllabi are listed in the Links section on the left. If you are a parent or student and you have questions for me please feel free to email me any time.