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Mr. K is looking forward to a great year of teaching Physical Science.

Hello: Mr. Krugerud teaches Physical Science Blocks 2,3, and 4 on both A and B days.

Mr. K has been a teacher for 24 years. I have taught in the following schools: 2 years at Lincoln Public Schools, 8 years at Palmyra Public Schools, 8 years at Norris Middle School, and finally my seventh year at Bryan High School.

Mr. K also teaches Psychology courses at Omaha Metro Community College and have the pleasure of teaching past middle/high school students as older "college" students.

I have 2 children; Frazier is attending the University of Nebraska in Lincoln as a sophomore. My son, Peyton, is a 10th grader at Millard West and is active in football, wrestling and track. I also have been married to Stefanie, my wife, for 21 years.

email is kurt.krugerud@ops.org

Phone number is 557-3151,  Available from 7:30 to 9:00 AM on both A and B days.

 Contact me for information about your son or daughters' class

PRACTICAL LAB EXPERIENCE: Every week our Physical Science class will conduct 1-2 labs. These labs will supplement the textbook material but also prepare students for "life" experiences. Much like baking or cooking, Science labs utilize; measurement, safety, planning, and observations. Many of these labs are small class examples of experiences "Scientists" face in the real work world.

Hello and welcome back to school for another fun filled year of learning.

Students and parents, please contact me anytime to communicate issues pertaining to the learning experience.




mechanical pencil, notebook, colored pencils




If you'd like a full copy of syllabus, please email me and I will send you a copy.