This is my sixth year at Bryan High School as a counselor. I work as the records counselor, as well as with students whose last names begin with M-O. I worked at Bryan from 2004-2006 as a Special Education paraprofessional while I was finishing my Master's in Secondary School Counseling at UNO.

I grew up in Iowa City, Iowa and graduated from City High School in 1988. I graduated in 1999 from The University of Iowa with a degree in Elementary Education. I moved to Omaha in 2001 and taught 4th grade for two years at St. Mary's Catholic School in Omaha, which is now closed. Five of the thirteen students from my first year of teaching just graduated from Bryan in 2010!

My responsibilities as a records counselor are as follows:

Credit Recovery Specialist

Independent Study liaison

Individual Counseling

Individual Scheduling

SAT MDT IEP Contributor

Summer School Registration

Career Center liaison

Credit Check coordinator

Elective Fair coordinator

In-House Registration coordinator

Middle to High School Registration

Transcript translation

Honors and Awards committee

Scholarship committee


 I can be contacted at 557-3125.



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